At Lee Royd Nursery School we recognise that attending school regularly has a positive impact on learning, progress and therefore the best life chances for children.  We will encourage good attendance for all pupils, by offering an environment in which pupils feel valued and part of the school community.  We promote a culture across the school which identifies the importance of regular and punctual attendance.

We will monitor attendance at both individual pupil and whole school level.   At Lee Royd Nursery School we will seek to achieve at least an attendance level of at least 85% due to the children’s age.  We ask that parents inform us on the first day of absence and this will be recorded on the register.  If we don’t hear from the parents, a member of staff will be contacting parents to ask why their child is absent.

Parents will be provided with details of their child’s attendance through termly attendance letters, showing the previous terms attendance percentage.  A reward system is in place where children are rewarded with certificates depending on their percentage gained.

100% attendance – ‘Gold award’

92% – 99% – ‘Silver award’

85% – 91% – ‘Bronze award’

Each term children receiving their attendance  awards will have their photos taken and displayed in the Nursery corridor on the ‘Star Attendance Board’, also the classes will display photos of the children on their class blog pages on the website.

Each class also has a 100% weekly attendance board, where children’s photographs are displayed who has attended 100% of their time in Nursery for the previous week.