How to Apply

Parents may register their child’s name by completing an application form available from the nursery (or available for download at the bttom of this page) and returning it with a copy of the child’s birth certificate. Children who are three years of age by 31 August prior to entry at the start of the Autumn Term will be considered for admission.

Completion of the application form does not guarantee admission to the Nursery School. If the Nursery School is oversubscribed then the Nursery Admission Committee meet during the Spring Term and places are allocated using Lancashire County Council’s admission criteria as listed below, aiming to ensure that there is a balanced intake:

  • Children in public care (looked after children) or those children at risk of becoming looked after.
  • Children with statements for special educational needs (SEN) and those with exceptional/strong SEN reasons for attending a particular school/setting.
  • Exceptional strong medical, social, welfare reasons (associated with the child and/or the family) for attending a particular school/setting.
  • Children who will have a sibling in attendance at the time of their admission.
  • Parents/carers who provide evidence of training/education at a local establishment, working locally or establishing local childcare arrangements (at the time of the child’s admission).
  • Those living nearest to the school.

(For further information please refer to Nursery School Admissions in Lancashire, “Information for Parents” booklet).

Children are normally admitted on a part-time basis, either five mornings, 9:00 am to 12:00 noon or five afternoons, 12:45 pm To 3:45 pm which are FREE THREE HOUR SESSIONS. Additional sessions within the nursery and extended services (before school, lunches and after school) are available for a small fee.


We have limited availability for parents/carers to be able to negotiate using their child’s 15 hours per week in a flexible way. Please see the headteacher if you wish to discuss your requirements.

Letters offering places will be sent to parents in February. Failure to return the acceptance form may result in the loss of the place. Prior to accepting the offer you should be committed to your child regularly attending. Places may be withdrawn where attendance is unsatisfactory.

The headteacher monitors children’s attendance and the information is placed in their learning logs.