Welcome To Lee Royd and Mrs Maloney’s Badgers!!

Hooray! It’s the start of a new year at Lee Royd Nursery School. Last Wednesday saw the welcome return of Abdullah, Alessandro, Amber-Noor, Awais, Layton and Mia. We also welcomed  new children to our class and will continue to do so throughout this week. We hope that you will all be very happy at nursery school.

Our main goal in the next couple of weeks is to get everyone settled. We will be experimenting with a variety of activities and finding out what your child’s interests are. Once we know what they like to do, we can continue to plan for their needs and take their learning further.

Just before we finish for half-term, you will get the opportunity to come and discuss your child’s progress with Mrs Maloney. Details to soon follow.

We look forward to building positive relationships with you all and we are especially looking forward to working with your children!

Mrs Maloney